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When is decided to begin a house construction, an industrial space or a block of flats, the meet standards imposed by local authorities and the owner represents the main objective to accomplish. Although each building is subject to controls, in both the design phase, and after completion, it is necessary to take safety measures to ensure fulfillment of all requirements. It is therefore essential a construction book.
The design, execution, reception, exploitation and maintenance, and repair of a building must be made following a series of strict rules. Therefore, monitoring the whole process is very important. Technical book of the construction is the material that every owner must hold and be enrolling all the steps listed above.

What purpose has the construction book?

The construction book is the only material that ensures the accomplishment of all activities and procedures and standards of safety and quality compliance. This is proof that an owner of a building, regardless of size, can offer during inspections. This material describe each step of the construction and represent basic documentation attesting compliance of certain regions.

In case damage or repair is necessary due to errors in construction, such documentation can reveal actions taken or ignored. Therefore, the book construction is essential. This is completed by the project supervisor and must be completed before the reception of the work. Investor or developer is responsible for maintaining and completing the construction book, along with project supervisor, especially in construction of buildings, commercial and industrial buildings case.

What is construction book contain?

The documentation known as “construction book” contains five chapters:

  1. Design
  2. Execution
  3. Reception
  4. Exploitation and maintenance, reparing and tracking behavior in time
  5. Events

The most important documents to be included in the first chapter are documents referring to on design theme, location, opinions and agreements necessary, technical documentation, calculation summary, indicating differences from the original plan and specifications notebook.

The second chapter includes technical documentation that contains execution authorization, handover of the site, recording quality, technical expertise, field checks and notebook attachment.

The third chapter, on reception, must include the minutes of reception and documents concluded after its meeting.

The fourth chapter must contain designer provisions related to behavior supervising, as well as operation and maintenance instructions. Also in this section should be included projects on which construction changes were made, documents on findings of fault, minutes teaching equipment tracking devices, annual and final conclusions and a diary of events.

So, construction book is a complex and detailed summary. It comprises all steps of construction and ensuring the compliance with all rules imposed in this sector. In house construction case, the documentation is not as complex as in the case of large projects. However, owners should make sure that it exists and is completed correctly.

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