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Building a house is an important step in the life of any person. When you build a new house, you build your future. The quality of a construction is important not only because it offers a different kind of family comfort, but in many more reasons. Safety is one of the most important elements you need to consider when you start such a project.

To obtain a safe construction, comfortable, beautiful and durable of a house, you must analyze all the options market offers you. Therefore, is recommended that you should know all the options that you have before you start the actual construction of a house.

Before determining how you build your dream home, you must establish the following:

  • What is your budget?
  • How long will you fit in?
  • What are the documents you need to start building?

Frequent questions about building a house

House type

Construction materials and house type is the most common dilemmas of future owners. While brick houses are most often built in Romania, houses of wood and metal gaining popularity. Brick house is known for its strength, but the new technology used to build house on metallic structure transform them into a valuable competitor. Wood house is well-known for its low costs that are involved and the great potential of thermal insulation.


Location and size of the house are very important when it comes to choosing the land. You have to take into consideration a lot of factors, including price, restrictions and limitations of land, utilities, neighborhood, geotechnical structure, relief factors etc. You also need to consider the house size when choosing ground surface and surrounding space needed for outdoor activities.


The interior and exterior design of a home can be chosen largely by the owners, but most often it is necessary to call an architect or interior designer. A professional has the ability to see things in perspective and to advise you in the best way. Partitioning, placement of the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the annexes and special elements are often made right when a designer is envolved.

Yard and garden

Fencing, fence, gates, yard planning, garage and green space is not a priority at the beginning of the project. However, as the construction of a house comes to end, it becomes very important because it influences the appearance of the entire building. It is therefore important that you focus on the details from the beginning.

Installations, energy efficiency, finishing, they are also extremely important in building a house. To make the best choices that reflect durability, it is recommended to work with a company of house construction design and reliably execution. Thus, you remove numerous risks and you build in safety.