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Building a house begins with the foundation and ends with the roof. As it is normal when taking a house project with an architect or designer, your attention is directed towards the building materials, the design of the building and the surrounding space. However, the quality of the roof is a subject that should not be late to discuss it with them.

The tile types for the roof available on the market are various. At first glance, they all seem to be suited to your needs. Sometimes the price difference is significant, which is why most home owners tend to choose cheaper alternatives. Despite general belief, different tile types provide advantages more or less. The most important include appearance, home ventilation, strength and durability.

You want to choose the most suitable type of tile for your needs? You should know the main types of tile for roof and the benefits they offer. Any tile types from bellow are suitable for all types of homes, whether are wooden or metal structure houses.

Tile types for the roof

Metallic tile

Metallic tiles are among modern types of tile for today roofing. This is suitable for multipurpose buildings and has a resistance difficult to overcome. The main advantage of this is very low weight, which can be mounted easily and endurance. In general, metal tile is made of galvanized steel and is dressed in a multi-layer prevents discoloration.

Ceramic tile

This type of roofing is one of the most popular, because of low cost, and because power isolation. As being made from clay and water, it has a lifespan of over a century and a good resistance to extreme temperatures. However, it is more difficult to install than metal tile and is not as flexible. Ceramic tile can be pulled or pressed with natural surface, painted or glazed. It is very important to protect it during transport, as it can break easily in the absence of good security measures in place.

Concrete tile

Concrete tile is also very popular among home owners who want a natural-looking, modern house. It is made from water, sand and cement, and its main advantages are long life, resistant to acids and high temperatures. Concrete provides the necessary impermeability needed to unpredictable climatic zones, has a homogeneous color, but its weight is high.

Choosing the best tile type of roofing depends on your preferences, the climatic conditions in the building area, but also the aesthetic standards set together with the architect or designer. Regardless of the type chosen, safety and resistance are the most important elements that must be considered.