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The house is an essential aspect of our lives and we all want to have a space where we can recreate after a long day of work. Recently, people began to rethink the idea of ​​a life in the city and are investing increasingly more often in homes away from urban noise known.

A reasonable alternative is to mountain homes. But before taking such a decision, it is important to know what involve the construction of such houses.

We invite you to discover together the essential aspects of a house in the mountains!

Essential aspects of a house in the mountain

#1 Material

One of the basic elements in the construction of any house is the material. On the market there are different recommendations depending on the area you live, special designed to deal with flood or earthquake risks.


At houses in the mountains case, the most appropriate option is the classic wood construction. It is one of the most durable materials that blend harmoniously into the countryside. You will have the certainty that your home will last over time, integrating perfect in the environment at the same time.


Moreover, a wooden house is ideal during cold winters, because this type of material provides a high degree of thermal insulation, maintaining an optimal temperature inside the house. And if you are passionate in winter sports, you have the ideal opportunity to enjoy an extended vacation in the mountains at your own home.

#2 Design

Depending on your needs, you can choose several types of architecture that will provide the comfort long dreamt. In large families, a house in the mountains with floor represents excellent solution. In this way, each family member will have a personal space. And you will enjoy a home that will allow them to long-term host loved ones.

Proiectare case la munte

For people who do not need a large area, a house built on one level is as well advantageous. The greatest privilege in this situation is a high degree of privacy and a feeling of belonging to the environment. Moreover, you can get a small terrace where to admire the sunrise or sunset or just relax.

And for those who still do not detach completely from the bustle of city life, a version of holiday house in the mountains exists. You will have therefore a part of the perfect retreat whenever you feel the need to recharge the batteries. Moreover, you have an alternative at hand for when you want to organize trips with family or friends.

#3 Mountains area

Mountain area in which you decide to have a home is another aspect to be taken into account. For a holiday atmosphere, we recommend a more secluded area and equally accessible. In this way you know for sure that you will be able to move easily and that you can enjoy the most of peace and harmony.

The charm offered by nature can be experienced also in areas where there are already mountains houses. In this context, you will feel warm and welcoming appearance of people in less populated areas. And certainly the spirit of belonging to that community will make you not yearn for city life.

Before any action, however, we advise you to consult a specialist in construction.

Every detail of the house must be perfect and for that, the opinion of a person in the field in all that means mountain houses can offer support.

We invite you to discover how we can help to start the design and construction of your home!