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Terms and conditions of use of site proiectarges.ro

Version 1.0 – published on 05.02.2020

Using services or information provided by this website constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions below. These informations represents fulfillment of transparency requirements imposed by Romanian legislation in force.

  1. Informations about site

1.1 ProiectArges.ro website is owned by PROIECT ARGES SA

located in IC Bratianu 24 Pitesti, Jud. Arges registration number with the Trade Register J03/49/1991, Fiscal Code 128515, social capital: 200 Lei Email: office@proiectarges.ro named over these terms and conditions proiectarges.ro
1.2 proiectarges.ro is an online website of services presentation of PROJECT ARGES SA, as its partners.
1.3 These terms and conditions contain provisions that are mandatory for any registered or unregistered user in proiectarges.ro site. This contract is completed with the Policy Provisions regarding personal data (put link). To purchase the services presented on site proiectarges.ro, it may be necessary signing of additional contracts, in some cases directly with Project Partners Arges SRL.
1.4 Our offer regarding products and services, as well as their prices, is for informational purposes and is valid as long as it is displayed on the site proiectarges.ro.
1.5 In case of express period of validity of a certain price, this will aspect will be be stated specifically on the service page.

  1. Intellectual Property

2.1 Proiectarges.ro content and design, including the look & feel of this website and databases accessible through are proiectarges.ro property and are protected by Romanian legislation in force regarding copyright and related rights. Proiectarges.ro site contains information and images provided by its partners. The information and content posted by such third party on proiectarges.ro site, copyright and responsibility on those is totally owned by those who published that information.
2.2 You may copy and print only the content proiectarges.ro for your personal use. The actions described below are not allowed without prior written permission from proiectarges.ro:

  1. reproduce or store content and sending the content to another website, server or any other information storage;
  2. modify, publish, transmit, and participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the contents, without the previous written permission from us;
  3. removing the signs which identify proiectarges.ro copyright of the content.

It is forbidden any use of proiectarges.ro content in purposes other than expressly permitted by present document or by applicable law. Requests to use content for other than expressly permitted in present document may be sent to the email address: office@proiectarges.ro
2.3. In the conditions you feel that a particular content hosted on site proiectarges.ro infringes your intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity or other personal rights, please send an email to office@proiectarges.ro with violated rights to allow proiectarges.ro administrators to act in accordance with the legal provisions under law 365/2002 regarding electronic commerce.
2.4. proiectarges.ro provide to the public, through the website or access to information and / or services provided by manufacturers or suppliers in the industry, partners proiectarges.ro. They may have rights over the name brand products and / or services provided which are bound not to violate them. They also are responsible about images and technical details of the products and / or services provided.

  1. Access suspension

Proiectarges.ro can without any further notice or formality and without it requiring an explanation of his attitude, suspend or block your access to the site content or part of this content.

  1. Site changes
    Proiectarges.ro reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or remove anytime portion its content. Also proiectarges.ro reserves the right to restrict user access to part or all of its content.

5.Information provided by you
5.1. The information that you provide about yourself or your company to proiectarges.ro will be used only in accordance with these terms and conditions, if you want to buy services. You are solely responsible regarding the presentation of information in a fair and complete way, as to the keeping accuracy of information within proiectarges.ro.

5.2. ProiectArges.ro is a website online of services presentation and, as such , is the only one responsible regarding your personal data revealed by you .Proiectarges.ro limits in which is processing of personal data is explained in personal data policy

  1. 6. Communications platforms

6.1.Proiectarges.ro can put at your disposal communication platforms that allows posting of ads application service providers, as well as the opportunity to contact us via our website. All information provided by you through our communication platforms will be considered public information and we can use it as such. You agree, that regardless of circumstances, proiectarges.ro and his collaborators can’t be held responsible for information sent or omissions and that you are responsible for the content posted.
6.2.Proiectarges.ro reserves the right to disable (without subsequent users to reactivate them) those public information that which are contrary to the terms and conditions of use or which it considers illegal, discriminatory, harmful, in any form, self-image, partners or third parties.
6.3. You are the only one responsible for the content of your messages To do this, be aware that posting or sending messages and announcements via communication platforms provided by proiectarges.ro is subject to the following limitations:
– You can’t publish, transmit or refers to users or members proiectarges.ro, any unsolicited commercial message, whether the reference is made or not through communication systems provided by proiectarges.ro or by other means communication;
– You may not publish or refer in any way to messages that contain confidential information, whether or not they are provided with the statement “confidential” or any mention of this kind, or messages that are intended to affect the price, image or market value of a product or service;
– You can not publish, transmit or referr to in any posts that contain texts unlawful, threatening, abusive, indecent, that violate any copyright or other rights you may have a third party;
– You can not publish, transmit or in any way refer to messages containing viruses or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or that may interrupt,eliminate or limit the functionality of proiectarges.ro or any other IT systems (hardware or software);
– You can not publish, transmit or make reference to any “pyramid scheme” or any other activity intended to defraud the trust of others.

  1. Warranties and Disclaimer

7.1. By submitting your messages to or through any means of communication, you agree that you are only one responsible and indemnify proiectarges.ro for any damage, costs or profit limitations arising from the posting, transmission or referenced by your . of messages whose contents violate the provisions of the limitations from paragraph 7.3. Through present document you understand and agree that our company will transmit the data for further guidance to the investigation bodies, where, following the publication of a message, start a criminal investigation or court action is brought.
7.2. Although every time strives to ensure quality and accuracy of postings on the site, proiectarges.ro can’t guarantee, express or implied, concerning the content, software or products and services published under its aegis.proiectarges.ro not be liable, under any circumstances, for any damage, caused directly or indirectly for any lack of profit directly or indirectly (including, but not limited to this enumeration: damages for loss of profit, interruption of business, or other pecuniary loss) incurred as a result of the use or discontinuation of use or the regularity lack of information and services provided by the site.
7.3.proiectarges.ro not warrant the accuracy, reliability or topicality of the information or services provided by the site.
7.4. You agree to hold harmless proiectarges.ro for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover legal costs and any other expenses that may arise as a result of your breach of the terms of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Major force
    proiectarges.ro, partners or its users can not be held responsible for any errors or delays in content provided on our site, resulting directly or indirectly from causes that do not depend on the will proiectarges.ro. This exemption includes, but not limited to: malfunction of machinery from proiectarges.ro, lack functioning of internet connection, no functioning telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access proiectarges.ro systems, operation errors, strike and so on.

9.Advertising and content provided by other parties

9.1. Some parts of the content published on proiectarges.ro may be provided by third parties with whom the site has contractual relationships in this regard. Also within proiectarges.ro content may include advertising sections that will show advertisements messages of third persons.proiectarges.ro is not responsible for any action on content provided by third parties, whether it is advertising or not. Also proiectarges.ro it is not responsible for the content of external pages that are linked from within.
9.2. ProiectArges.ro not send unsolicited commercial communications, according to the Romanian legislation in force.proiectarges.ro reserves the right to send commercial messages on its activities and its partners by e-mail with which you registered to access services or proiectarges.ro newsletter. These will be clearly identified as coming from proiectarges.ro and have the opportunity unsubscribe for free.

  1. Change of terms

10.1ProiectArges.ro reserve the right to change terms and conditions without the furfilment of other formalities.When these terms will change, proiectarges.ro will notify you via email or a message in your user account platform by posting the site’s home page, a link that refers to the new form of this document. Access to the site and using our services after the notification date or posting the link showing the changes on the site’s home page imply that you have agreed on new terms.
10.2. Also, buying services provided by proiectarges.ro may be subject to additional terms that will be disclosed for each such service can be sent before using the service.
10.3 These terms and conditions are supplemented with information regarding the processing of personal data that can be accessed in the personal data policy

  1. Governing law

The rights and obligations of the parties, required by these terms and conditions and all legal effects it produces this Agreement shall be interpreted and governed by Romanian law in force. Any dispute which concerns the deal will be settled amicably, and in case amicable settlement is not possible to be brought for resolution before an arbitrator. In case the parties do not agree on the appointment of an arbitrator within 15 days of notification of the dispute, it will be the competent Romanian courts will return from headquarters proiectarges.ro.

This version of the Terms and Conditions proiectarges.ro is stored at https://www.proiectarges.ro/en/terms-and-conditions

The platform www.proeictarges.ro, is Proiect Arges SA property.