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Investments in construction and real estate sector have always been considered profitable. Nowadays, these areas presents opportunities but also risks. It is therefore, important to know the best investment opportunities. Moreover, it is essential to be informed of the best house projects, of areas favorable for development as well as the factors that can influence the valuation or devaluation of properties.

Prognosis in the building sector is optimistic in 2017. Funds allocated to infrastructure favor the construction of houses, apartment buildings, office buildings and other construction types, residential and non-residential. Increased 7% infrastructure provides a positive note to real estate construction market in our country during this period.

How you can invest in real estate and constructions?

The real estate market is becoming more profitable and the figures obtained from the statistics confirm this every year. Eurobank Property Services submitted a report according to which residential property increased 8.3% from last year. This shows that we are in a favorable period for real estate investment.

The same report shows that, at national level, there was an increase in property prices of 3.4%.

If you want to make an investment, and construction or real estate is of interest to you, you should know that this is the right time to take the first step.

In constructions, investment opportunities can be exploited easily in our country, following the well developed countries. One handy option is the construction of buildings and selling prices relatively low. Investing in real estate is a profitable option now.

Making modern house projects at low cost, as are steel frame homes or modular homes is a great investment opportunity. The construction of such houses takes place quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. The project and results are always attractive thanks to a minimalist design and use of high quality materials. Moreover, such houses are more resistant in case of earthquakes or fires than other types of construction.

The main way in which most Romanians make such investments is call a mortgage or First House.

In real estate, investment opportunities are numerous. Most Romanians choose to buy property for renting. Newly built apartments and houses enjoy a lot of popularity in the real estate market, compared with the old, less preferred by young people and families.

Nordis Company made a study according to which the number of tenants will grow in 2017 and the apartments market and new houses category luxury register significant increases. The study results show that most owners are able to rent new apartments in a period between two and eight weeks. In 2016, the average budget of tenants was between 400 and 500 euros per month, sums suitable for small-scale investors.

The same study showed that the risk of stock market investments is much higher than the risk it involves real estate investments. Real estate assets are preferred by both small and large investors of property, due to physical existence and control of demand and offer, factors on the stock nonexistent for investments case.

A good investment property is determined by factors such as:

  • Location
  • Purchase moment
  • Development potential of the area
  • Nearby facilities
  • Construction quality
  • Space structure
  • Space utility
  • Relation with the ambient

Are you interested in an investment in the construction or real estate? Opportunities are now unlimited and resources are made available by banks increasingly more each year. Smart investment for a consistently profit, make quality projects houses, reliable and modern or cheap real estate acquiring and well located.

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