Urbanistic General Plan ( UGP )

IPA Proiect Arges provides services General Urban Plan (GUP) preparation for any territory or community.

General Urban Plan is a project required land use and development of any settlements. This plan is the legal framework for implementing programs and actions for development of the area, according to Law 350/2001, amended and completed by Law 298/2006.
A General Urban Plan is a plan of a city that must include all regulations and local urban planning regulations for the entire administrative territory, including both buildable area, and one in the town.

Any urban plan includes analyzes and regulations on short, medium and long term, which are necessary for the effective exercise of the territorial division in the settlement. Also the plans made by specialists in urban IPA Proiect Arges also include general rules underlying achieve zonal urban plan (ZUP) and detail urban plan (DUP).

Issues addressed in the General Urban Plan

The methodology for developing the content of a GUP comprises a number of issues, situations and regulations that may be the type of:

-potential that natural, economic and human capitalization
-territoriality and between urban delimitation
-reorganization of the communication ways
-establishment and delimitation of protected areas, built functional
-demarcation of the territories for public utility objectives
-determining how land is used and constructions accomplishment
-other regulations of interest to builders and investors

Depending on the needs of each territory, and the mode of sharing, in administrative terms, the general urban plan contains all the necessary information of construction distribution and its utilities.

Need a GUP administrated territory

proiectarges.ro team will be available to develop a complete urban plan for your territory. Our long experience recommend us to develop any type of urban plan, both general and specific, at a smaller scale (ZUP or DUP). Contact us for more details!

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