Detailed Urbanistic Plan (PUD)

IPA Proiect Arges, through department itself or through partnerships, is putting at your disposal an vast experience in preparing documentation related to the General Urban Plan (GUP) and Zonal Urban Plan (ZUP). Documentation which is explaining and detailing the content of these plans is called Detail Urban Plan (DUP).
In a ZUP, urban department at IPA Proiect Arges includes all necessary prescriptions and recommendations, coupled with the rules mentioned in the Urbanism Certificate. Detailed Urban Plan goal is the pursuit and application of both urban plans mentioned above.

This is, actually ,consulted by the committee urbanism planning in the moment when is requested the Certificate of Urbanism and Construction Authorization. In case the manufacturer can’t provide DUP for the land on which wants to locate future construction, the City Hall’s request first drawing based on GUP and ZUP.

What a Detail Urban Plan contains?

In a few words, we can define DUP as documentation underlying the implementation of a construction providing conditions of location, sizing, compliance and service utilities.
This document is drawn up for one or more targets construction by function prevailing land and the immediate vicinity.
Here are some general categories of issues mentioned in the Detailed Urban Plan:
-the legal, economic and technical assessment of land and buildings on its surface
-functional relationship of the buildings with their surroundings
-rules that should be respected on the urban landscape
-ensuring accessibility to construction utilities
-integration and correlation of new construction with the existing ones on that land or the neighborhood
-the impact on existing utilities networks in the area
-land use for playgrounds, recreation areas, parks or parking building
-other aspects related to the functioning of legally and utility constructions

Do you need an Detail Urban Plan?

In case if this is stipulated in Local Regulation of Urbanism (RLU), a DUP must be prepared. Also, even in case if the initial investment of construction differs from that provided in RLU, Detailed Urban Plan is necessary. It is approved by the Local Council of towns or villages and is compiled by urban specialists. For more information about preparing a DUP to ensure your building in the best conditions, contact with confidence team.

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