Civil engineering works

Our company has as complementary activities and services in the design and execution of civil construction.

The civil engineering works are predominantly, in infrastructure works, designed to bring a plus of value to the communities where they are implemented. Through our services, team Project Arges IPA helped improve the infrastructure of the Pitesti city, but also the towns in the county, giving residents access various rural communities to a modern lifestyle.

We design each civil engineering works primarily thinking of local residents, they being long-term beneficiary of our services. Therefore, we invested in specialized people and modern and quality equipment to maintain our high service standards.

We provide civil engineering works for rehabilitation and modernization of road systems, water supply networks and sewage, connection branches, connecting pipes, wastewater treatment, underground electrical networks and more. Urban complexity of each project varies depending on the existing infrastructure in the community where we contribute and local authority requirements.

We provide high quality civil engineering works

Our goal is to bring, in the first place, a direct improve contribution to the lifestyle of people. Therefore, we have specialized in design and residential construction and industrial buildings, bringing added value to people’s lives and industries alike.

We work with leading suppliers in the construction, machinery and building materials. Close relationships with our partners have led us access to competitive prices and a good quality-price report value for the work performed.

We guarantee that our work will be carried out to the highest quality standards, respecting the systems of quality management ISO 9001: 2001. We are specialized in designing, implementing and managing a variety of wastewater treatment according to the needs of the community you belong.

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Our projects are always carried out in the terms established initially and they can range from simple to complex and longevity. We are used to face the challenges and we are at your disposal to contact us to discuss more details about your community project. Contact us and let us improve the infrastructure facilities of the community around us!

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