Metallic resistance structure

Resistance metal structures subject remains a burner and highly debated, with the pros and cons when it comes to houses on the metal structure. In recent years, in our country has gained ground the technology of building a traditional house on land.

Undeniable advantages of steel structure houses are : small time for execution, the low cost compared to other methods and resistance in time. IPA Proiect Arges specialists can provide expert consultation anytime in terms of choice according to your investments intentions

The experience in the field it is which recommend us cause to expose some aspects to which you need to be careful when you choose to invest in a steel frame construction. When we make these statements we refer primarily to the foundation on which you will build the house. When the foundation is poured, it must meet certain standards required to steel frame construction. Then, another important consideration is ventilation: do consider that steel structure requires special attention to this matter.

How to choose a metallic structure house model

We are aware that price is a very important aspect that makes the difference when our customers choose a home model on metal structure or any other type of home. But as I said before, we must be aware of everything that involves such a construction. Since we are talking about a particular type of house in terms of structure, we must ensure that the model strictly respecte certain technical aspects such as thermal bridges. Plus, it should make sure that connections are made according to current standards. Our specialists are ready at any time to advise the steel structure projects, and our assembly teams are ready to realize any type of house, according to the project provided by architect.

What else can be build on a metallic structure

Besides individual house projects that we mentioned earlier, metal structure is a solution for raising halls or warehouses. Whatever the final result of construction, our specialists are available with all details you need to make any investment decision knowingly. Basically, from the moment you will invest your trust in us, steel structure project for which you chose first will be done digitally and then implemented step by step, precisely by assembly teams. Remains only for you to contact us to receive our full support.

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