Supervision Of Construction Works

Each construction work requires constant monitoring and at least one person to supervise to ensure the smooth running of the works.  IPA Proiect Arges consultants provide one of the most important components of the design and verification activities: technical assistance and site tracking.
With our specialized engineers, we validate each step of the work development, so that it complies with the project itself. Because monitoring work on site, we will ensure the correlation of designers thinking with reality on the ground. We will maintain constant communication with designers and builders to avoid any unforeseen situation or inconsistencies that may occur.
In this way, we ensure that the project will take place without incident and the end result is a quality one. Our expert role is to monitor, document and track the evolution of the construction project so that it meets deadlines set building materials as well as technical parameters established in the project.

What is the purpose of site tracking

In a few words, we can say that by tracking the site, we will ensure that decisive phases of construction are carried out according to the plan designed by the architect. Therefore, the presence of technical architect in certain stages of the construction site will be covered by the design cost.

The role of the architect presence for site tracking is to prevent any unforeseen situation that may arise in the short or long time, in case of breaches of technical parameters for construction of buildings. This architect presence will ensure that the final result will be qualitative and not have any safety risk to the beneficiary safety or its functionality.

Do you need site tracking in constructions?

Site tracking can be made by the architect who designed the building, as the architect specialist who can correctly interpret the original design.
Our goal is to help you build secure, eliminating any risk that may arise.
If you need specialized tracking site, contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!

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