Construction Site Management

Regardless of the type of construction that we develop and its complexity, it must be supervised by a site supervisor, according to Law 177/2015. From homes or buildings in rural or urban surroundings and industrial buildings in the build-up area, it is necessary to presence of a site manager to ensure the works smooth running. Site Manager is the person who ensure to perform periodic checks on site. He will ensure compliance with technical work under the project by the architect and specifications.

Supervision activity of a site master will materialize in the technical book of the construction. Also will coordinate the main construction stages, together with the architect designer, to ensure the smooth running and completion of works.
Site Manager it is also called Inspector site and it is a person endorsed for coordinating the work of construction.

How much it costs the site manager presence

Site Manager costs, diversify depending on the complexity of each project and each project type. It can be calculated according to a series of criteria such as: frequency of surveillance visits, project complexity, project type, distance of travel of project supervisor for each visit, etc.

If the beneficiary wants project supervisor frequent presence, he can take over the role of a project manager of construction, but the rate will increase depending on its workload.

Choose a site manager specialized services!

IPA Project Arges it can provide through partnerships, site inspectors available to supervise construction work we perform.

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