Representation in other state institutions

If the first two services in this range – representing City Halls and County Council – we are primarily concerned with obtaining building permits, this time we consider a wider range of services that can help. Currently, we only report to Arges County level, and will expand these services in other counties.
Our company can help with obtaining permits and drawing files and in other areas related to representation in relation with the state. A good example of this would be the process of obtaining documents necessary for environmental authorization.We have certified specialists according to the laws in force, which are available with any questions you may have.

Also, if you feel you need Enel permit construction, then we will provide you with all the logistics to help.

When is better to turn to an intermediary in relation with State Institution

IPA Proiect Arges has identified this need among beneficiaries both individuals, and especially legal entities. To answer the title question, we belive that the best thing would be to do at least some research on what a particular query of state institutions. Then, to make sure that your approach will have the desired effect, it is recommended to contact a company with some experience and reputation in the field. As we have said on other occasions, IPA Proiect Arges can facilitate the way to the approvals you need from institutions Arges County. We are expecting you today!

IPA Proiect Arges solutions for you

Representation at other state institutions is not just about obtaining approvals and construction permits. IPA Proiect Arges offers a wide range of services in the field – establishment / closing down companies, obtaining approvals for CAEN codes for business objects or obtaining authorization from the Environment Guard certain CAEN codes. To take full advantage of professional expertise in everything related to representation with other institutions of state, we invite you to contact us.

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