Preparing files for authorization

Want to start a building, regardless of its destination, but do not know what to do? You find out you need a file for authorization, but have no idea what involves its preparation? You got the right place, especially if you are in Arges county. IPA Proiect Arges can help you get the building authorization! A process that may mean to much time lost, can be covered without problems by our specialists, so you can give more attention to other details.
Next, we try to summarize the entire file preparation process for obtaining construction authorization. It involves several steps, each equally important.

# Must be required the urban plan from the City Hall whose territory is the land you want to rise up construction. This is an informative document that will inform local authorities about the conditions that need to obtain to get building authorization. According to current laws, to obtain the certificate you need several documents: the deed, cadastral plans, application form and proof of fee payment. Additionally, you could be asked – based on City Hall – and a technical report of architecture.

#You will have to order a geotechnical study of the land on which you want to build. This study will provide the designer all your land data on which you have built the foundation.

#Project preparation and approval that you have chosen. Here you must select several conditions: in the first phase, the project team will listen to the wishes regarding subdivision construction or in terms of its appearance. Subsequently, designers are able to offer solutions for achieving construction. Follow setting up authorization project for each specialized part, which will help to obtain a building permit, this being the first step in the execution of the work.

#The technical project its next to be approved, followed closely by permits and agreements required by the Urbanism Certificate. To that case, the city hall will require the consent of Environment and notice of all providers (water, electricity, gas etc.).

# Is required, eventually, the building pauthorization after the entire file was submitted to City Hall for approval.

# After obtaining this authorization, you can start the actual construction work. Do not forget to notify the city hall and the State Inspectorate for Constructions minimum five days before the start of works.
I listed above the main steps involved the preparation and approval of a file for authorization. The time period can vary, depending on the particularities of each area and City Hall, but one thing is certain: IPA Proiect Arges can help in this regard, so that you can you use this time to fix other matters. We are waiting for you!

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