City Hall representation

When we talk about obtaining the building authorization, inevitably we get the idea that we must get to the city hall where we want to start that project. Over time, we met many cases of some customers who have turned to us to get all the approvals and permits necessary for building authorization, after trying to walk this road alone.

Like any state institution, City Halls works in certain terms which, most often, individuals do not resonate. Especially if is the first experience of its kind. Therefore, in order to prevent any inconvenience and unpleasentness it is recommended to refer to a specialized company.

IPA Proiect Arges has enough experience so that you can predict, since the first discussion period during which you can get construction authorization. Moreover, we can help with file preparation approval and submitted all the documents you need.

What you gain if you turn to Project Arges specialists

Firstly, time. Perhaps the most precious resource of each of us deserves better management when it comes to managing daily obligations. A call to a specialized company to obtain construction authorization means for starters more time for issues that depend on your involvement.
And since time is money in the business world, trusting us the relationship with the City Hall, where you have interest, you can handle most productive of important aspects of your business. Besides winning time, you will enjoy a realistic approximation process. So, you will set the right expectations and you will be able to plan the next steps in silence. You only have to contact us, the rest will take care!

You are always aware of legislative changes

When you decide to invest in a construction, you are venture on moving land. We tell you from experience that things can change rather quickly. And if you do not have the necessary information, you can be in a position to loose money and time.Therefore, it is recommended to call a specialized company, a company that can keep you informed about all changes in legislation. IPA Proiect Arges will provide specialist team, always ready to help. Contact Us!

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