House design services

The experience and professional training of IPA Proiect Arges staff, as well as partners with whom we have a close collaboration, describe us as a dynamic company with multiple project management capabilities, always ready to satisfy the most ambitious tasks received from Customer side.

Our specialists are available at any time of day or night to help you navigate more easily the way from dream to reality in terms of design construction of individual houses.

Usually, when we are contacted to accomplish a home project, to beneficiary are provided several solutions to choose from. When we are referring to houses design we consider in detail your wishes about your dreams home.

We have prepared answers to questions such as: how long building a house, how much design and construction itself, what kind of materials should be used, how to divide efficiently an individual house, but also what kind of home projects match best four your budget.

We would be pleased to help in this important stage of your life, no matter what house design solution you choose! Next, read briefly about how we can help according to our expertise.

Buildings design with residential destination

We provide advice and assistance during all phases of work since the design stage house until the moment you will move in. Thanks to experience gained over time, validated by the large number of clients we serve, we offer projects of modern houses with floor or without, with garage or just parking place, with two rooms or more, depending your wishes and needs. When we start work designing houses, your comfort comes first! Both in terms of future home – a standard for any specialist in the field – and especially for the peace which I can only give assurance that your project deals with the right people.

Buildings design with commercial or industrial destination

If you are considering building a hostel, hotel or housing complex for commercial destination, you’ve got the right place. IPA Proiect Arges handle everything related to design (houses) for construction with commercial destination. We begin with the architectural plan, installation structure, get to work management and implementation of all steps so that, finally, the construction to be built according to your standards. You get all solutions which have both cost efficiency during time and especially after given work into use. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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