Preparing P.S.I. file

IPA Proiect Arges and aims to become a reliable partner of all customers, regardless of turnover. So we decided to expand our business and provide services related to construction. The decision came after several customers asked us how we can help them to get an authorization GIES.

Under the legislation in force, all companies, institutions or organizations in Romania are obliged to organize internal specific activities “prevention and firefighting or civil protection (emergency situations).” This can be achieved by employing at least one person to fill the position called general – PSI technical framework – or there and outsourcing service solution to a third party. According to the same rules, these outsourcing can’t be achieved only by a company authorized by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES).

How can IPA Proiect Arges can help you in terms of P.S.I.

First, to obtain a GIES permit there’s no secret to us. We know exactly what is needed for file preparation with all documents required by law 3007/2006 (PSI). Depending on the number of employees available in your company, there are at least 35 documents to be collected in the file needed for GIES authorization . Among these there are Internal Regulations, job descriptions, record high fire risk areas, preparing action plan for emergencies or general plan of intervention on each unit.

Training employees according to GIES rules

Under the labor protection contract that IPA Proiect Arges it will draw with your company, we will deal with responsibility for training employees in accordance with the methodology adopted. In fact, this is stipulated by law among the necessary conditions that PSI file must be fulfilled. In the same register fits the verifying of all work points available to your unit and remedy deficiencies noticed. If we take care of all these things, obtaining authorization GIES will not be a problem for your company. Contact Us!

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