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The decision to start a business is an important one given the many aspects that must be considered. From business domain to all legal documentation and to the location, every detail is defining. Even in the moment you own a business, always arise opportunities to increase profitability.


Have you ever thought how it would be like your business to be located on the highway? In the plans is a construction of a metallic hall? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have for you a business opportunity on the A1 highway Bucharest – Pitesti.

Why choose A1 highway Bucharest – Pitesti?

  • You have available a plot of 14 hectares in Cateasca area, which offers enough space for the construction of a metallic hall;
  • You are very close to the highway, at a distance of only 3.8 km;
  • You have access to electricity directly from the field and able to be connected to the gas network;
  • You are 12 km away from Pitesti and at 89 km from Bucharest, so you can reach in a short time both the city of residence Arges and the capital to solve any possible problems.

What are the benefits of owning an industrial metallic hall?

investitii pe autostrada A1

    • You have a large storage area, is crucial when you need large machines or equipment;
    • has a resistant structure and very firmly fixed in the ground, and you are sure you will not have problems in case of unfavorable weather
    • You have the possibility to extend it easily in the event that you will need some modifications;
    • You can start activity in a relatively short time after the start of the project, because construction time is quite short;
    • Costs of metallic hall are low compared with other buildings due to the material it is made;
    • It is ideal solution for production activity and storage or other similar uses;
    • Can be used as a delivery platform, thereby improving your business processes.

    Our specialists are ready to provide necessary support to facilitate the process of acquisition of land, the making of project for the construction of the metallic hall and building permits required.

    You can now enjoy a complete package of services consisting in land, hall project and low-cost permits. By purchasing a single investment package you will know that our experts in the field will handle all the necessary processes. Consequently, you can be assured that every detail of such business will be in line with what you want and you will get all you need in the same package.

    Start by visualize our offer of business opportunity on A1 highway and contact us for more details!