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Making any construction includes a series of essential steps for the proper development of the project and its successful completion. Fromdeciding in what area will be located the building, type of materials used and to the team that will collaborate, every detail is definitive and leads to the desired result. But the plan under which the construction will be guided is crucial.

If the construction of a large scale, there are three types of essential plans to be considered: the zonal urban plan (GUP), zonal urbanism plan (ZUP) and detailed urban plan (DUP). Often they are confused or characteristics of each one are not fully understood. Therefore, please know that urban plans are set out in legislation, which are the differences between plans GUP, ZUP and DUP and the elements that include everyone.

Urban plans differences GUP, ZUP and DUP

#1.Urban plan purpose

Every plan has a well defined purpose and includes general and specific information on the construction in question. Each of the three plans is necessary to commercial and industrial buildings, it contains details on where the building is to be done, the outlook for a long period or determined or how the area is to develop and be used.

General urban plan is that mandatory project of spatial planning and development of certain localities. Meanwhile, PUG is the legal framework that aimed to conduct assessments and regulations on short and long term. Thus, to obtain an overview of how the administrative territory of the city will be divided and includes both buildable area, and the town.

Urban zonal plan is a project made to a smaller scale than PUZ and is destinate to regulations and urban development areas of a city. Also, this plan includes objectives or actions required to rural and urban land use.

Detailed urban plan includes all the information that can be found in PUG and PUD. Also, the PUD’s main purpose is to explain and detail all aspects of the general urban plan and zoning area. Moreover, through PUD’s ensure the implementation of data that can be found in the other two plans.

#2.Plan details

As mentioned above, the three planes have a specific purpose and include a specific category of information. Also, each level includes the categories of items to be completed project PUG, PUZ or PUD. Therefore, we present the most important elements that can be identified in each general urban, zonal or detail plan.

GUP elements:

  • the boundedness of rural and urban areas
  • the establishment of protected areas that are functional and those in the perimeter that can build
  • the decision how land will be used and the construction will be done

ZUP elements:

  • urban – territorial organization respecting urban structure
  • street network organizqation
  • environmental protection measures

DUP elements:

  • the legal, economic and technical status of the land and the other building on its surface
  • urban landscape compliance
  • how to use the land so it can be built playgrounds and recreation

#3.The importance of GUP, ZUP and DUP plans

It is essential to bear in mind that all the plans presented in this article are equally important and needed for any construction avengura that influence the urban landscape.

Thus, you can ensure that  tghe way in which the construction is made is in line with expectations and desires, especially in accordance with law.

Therefore, we recommend you to seek expert advice before initiating any project. team will guarantee that you get the best service to have a commercial or industrial ideal building!