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It is well known the fact that modern architecture and design is inspired more and more by nature. This phenomenon occurs for varied reasons, but constructive. Architects and designers use natural elements to beautify the environment, but also in practical use, but also to increase the quality of it.


When urban architecture and nature meet, there is an explosion of creativity. This, however, must be based on a well establish plan and a solid project. Such case is found in central Italy, in Milan, where the project Bosco Vertical amazes with beauty, creativity and the ability to accommodate a large number of trees for ecological purpose.

Bosco Vertical, the construction who brings the forest in residents home

Known as The Vertical Forest, Vertical Bosco is an urban building composed of two twin residential towers of Porta Nuova district of Milan. Towers with heights of 111 meters or 76 meters were designed for the rehabilitation of the historic district of Milan, between Via De Castilla and Canfalonieri. Italian architect Stefano Boeri worked with architectural firm Studio Boeri for this important project, which has won awards such International Highrise in 2014.

bosco verticale
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The housing blocks were inaugurated in October 2014. These host 480 large and medium trees and 300 small trees. Moreover, outside of these buildings are found 11,000 perennial plants and 5,000 trees and bushes. Each building has inside and outside trees with a height between 3 and 6 meters which helps eliminate mists and fumes, but also produce oxygen. The project not only benefits the residents of the buildings, but the whole district.

The trees and shrubs existence in buildings help balance the temperature of the interior, both in winter and in summer season Soundproofing is another benefit that this concept stresses.

During construction, a series of tests were conducted to detect possible risks. Thus, the design has been tested in wind tunnels to provide to designers the trees would not cause damage in case of severe weather events. The choice of trees and plants was performed together with botanists and horticulturists. Together with the engineering team, they made sure that the building structure is able to support the entire weight.

So, the balconies were built in reinforced concrete and steel with a thickness of 28 cm and parapets of 1.3 meters.

Here it is the construction plan:

proiectul bosco verticale

With two years before the inauguration of the towers, one of the building was temporarily used for artistic purposes. It served as a public Milan art galleries during the most important fashion event: Milan Fashion Week.
In 2015, Bosco vertical towers were awarded by the Council Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Jury for the Highest Best Construction in the World.
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